Healthy Boundaries and Sleeps Mala


6 and 4 mm labradorite and faceted amethyst crystals with a handmade copper two sided pendant. One side mosaic life tree, other side amethyst crystal. 

When someone asks you to do something, take a moment and pause. Hold a piece of labradorite in your hand and ask yourself: “Is this something that is within my personal boundaries to do?” See what answer arises. 

Labradorite helps you find empowerment and connects you to your intuition, which helps you have the strength to set healthy boundaries. It is also a stone associated with the throat chakra, which can help you speak your truth, something necessary for giving voice to your boundaries. 

Amethyst and labradorite crystals are also a perfect pair. When they come together, they can help you have a more restful night’s sleep. Amethyst is excellent for insomnia, while labradorite calms nightmares and promotes good dreams.

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