Healing of the Water and the Moon Mala


Colourful Indian Agate crystals

In India, this holy crystal flows down the river and gets charged by the power of the moon. The water and moonlight shape the energy of the crystal. It is symbolic to the journey you would take with Indian Agate, to help you shine in the darkness, to smoothen your rough edges, and fall in love with yourself as you are. 

Use Indian Agate to help bring on a deeper appreciation to life, and the beauty that we miss in our daily on the go life. This Agate will remind you to stop and smell the flowers, to be in touch with nature, and to enjoy being human. Its powerful grounding effects are very calming, and relieve stress. You can also set it as a protection stone to ward off bad luck, spells, and the evil eye. 

Indian Agate stimulates the healing of muscle tissue, blood flow, metabolism, and the digestive system. With muscle tissue it can help with faster recovery of muscle tears, tissue damage, and cellular repair. With blood flow it can assist in overall circulation improving brain and heart health. It helps the body digest and absorb nutrients better thus increasing overall immune health to fight against infections.

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