Healing Properties of Opal

Opal’s fire carries a spiritual energy that burns through attachments, wounds, and negative patterns. It can amplify your emotions, bringing semi-conscious patterns to the surface of your awareness to be dealt with. When these are cleared, it also amplifies joy.

The degree to which the process of emotional cleansing is painful is directly related to how much resistance you have to it. When working with opal, it is best to let go as thoroughly as possible and let the healing process take place as it needs to.

Opal as a Gemstone

Opal is a semi-transparent iridescent stone composed of silicon and water. The background color can either be white or black, which sets off the iridescent “fire” quite differently.

Common opal is opaque and does not usually have the fire that is present in precious opal. It can come in many colors, like white, brown, blue, pink, and red.

Fire opal is a vivid orange to red color, and can be opaque to translucent.

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