Blue Chalcedony

Healing Properties of Blue Chalcedony

If you have spent any time in therapy or doing personal work, you know that the subconscious or unconscious part of the mind is deep and powerful in shaping our experience and actions.

Blue chalcedony helps sooth these parts of ourselves that are often childlike or primal in nature. This helps inner work go more smoothly and be more productive. Blue chalcedony also helps you communicate your insights to others, so it is a great stone to bring with you to therapy.
Much of our anxiety and negative feeling states like depression or panic come from unconscious fears and projections of the future based on our past. By calming and balancing the emotional body, blue chalcedony helps you stay clear and centered as you deal with what is in front of you.

If you have a call or a meeting with someone who triggers anxiety, anger, or agitation in you, and you are not sure why, blue chalcedony would be a good choice to carry or wear. It can help both with healing whatever underlying pattern is being stimulated, and with staying clear enough to communicate in the present without being overwhelmed by your feelings.

Blue Chalcedony as a Gemstone

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