In fact, the story started many years ago. I guess the thing that sets the foundation for this formation is, wandering around the jewellery shops where we used to live with my mother because of her natural stone jewellery interest and the moments I lost myself in the magical world of gemstones, and fascination of glittering colors in a child’s eye. I’ve always loved holding the stones in my hands, touching and wearing them. Also I had learned their power of healing, long before I started practising yoga. Yeah, I’ve been practising yoga since 2011 and I’m a yoga instructor. I especially work with pregnant women. I do yoga with them as a pregnancy yoga teacher and take part in their birthing experience as a doula (birth support). I believe in the healing power of female energy. I’m also a reiki practitioner. So my path always goes through the areas I touch physically and psychologically in order to be able to heal people.

I like to experience the positive feelings in my heart flowing into my hands, palms and fingertips. At the very beginning, I started making malas for only myself. –Because I use them during my meditations and I like carrying them around my neck as an accessory. Threading the beads and knotting one by one left me a wonderful meditative effect and instead of stopping after making several malas, I continued. I gave them to my family and friends as a present. They were admired and attracted a lot of attention from my acquaintances. I opened a social media account first in order to get the malas I made to more people, and then “Malabana” emerged out of the “Mine, would you also make me a mala” sentence. (In Turkish, “bana” means “to me”)

I often pick up and buy the gemstones and materials that I use making the malas one by one with my own hands. After making a wish for each, I start to make them with the greatest possible care for those who have to deal with some difficulties in their lives and want to change things. I do this job with love and therefore I believe that the malas, necklaces and bracelets I’ve made will bring your wishes to you.


Mine Özgen